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Blank plugin for joomla

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The blank plugin is the easy way to customize an article content in Joomla. With this plugin you can choose to add your personal code (HTML or javascript) by a text area in every articles, filtered by IDs or categories.

You can also choose to enable it in some different views ( article, frontpage or category) and you can inject the code in different positions:

  • Before content
  • After content
  • Before and after content
  • After first paragraph
  • Before last paragraph
  • After second paragraph
  • After random paragraph

For these reason the blank plugin is the best way to place inline code automatically in every article, like AdSense ads, social buttons,PayPal encrypted buttons,video, etc...
In short, it may be called the Swiss-army knife plugin for joomla

Since the code inserted within the content is not filtered by any editor, for obvious security reasons, you must restrict access to the settings of this plugin only to administrators.
If your code cannot be displayed correctly, then you must disable the plugin and check it.

For Joomla 1.5
Download blank plugin v.1.1 joomla 1.5

Download blank plugin v.1.0 joomla 1.5

For Joomla 1.6
Download blank plugin v.1.1 joomla 1.6

Download blank plugin v.1.0 joomla 1.6

For Joomla 1.7
Download blank plugin v.1.1 joomla 1.7
Download blank plugin v.1.0 joomla 1.7

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